Matt Williams points Matt Williams toward the finish line. (Via MASN)

The Arizona Diamondbacks have their own version of the Presidents’ Race called the Legends Race, which features mascot versions of Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, Randy Johnson and Nationals Manager Matt Williams, who hit 99 of his 378 career home runs with Arizona.

Between the fifth and sixth innings of Washington’s wild 6-5 win Monday, Mascot Matt Williams jumped out to a huge lead, but as is often the case with Teddy at Nationals Park, you got the sense it wouldn’t last.

Sure enough, as Mascot Matt Williams passed the Nationals dugout, he stopped to stare at Manager Matt Williams, who pointed toward the finish line. By the time Mascot Matt Williams overcame the shock of seeing himself with a much smaller, less cushiony head, his fellow Legends had passed him.

If Manager Matt Williams had any say in the matter, Mascot Matt Williams would sit tonight’s race out for breaking their agreement and not hustling through the finish line.

(Thanks to @recordsANDradio for the Vine and @md_dc for the GIF.)