For the second time in a week, a D.C. sports team was involved in real-mascot-on-fake-mascot crime, and this time, the good guys were the victims.

During the Legends Race before the sixth inning of Tuesday’s Nationals-Diamondbacks game in Arizona, cheap imitations of the Nationals’ Racing Presidents emerged from the Washington bullpen ahead of mascot versions of Mark Grace, Luis Gonzalez, Randy Johnson and Matt Williams.

Drew Storen is not impressed. (Via MASN)

Dan said he initially thought “Teddy” was supposed to be Groucho Marx, which is understandable. Meanwhile, “Abe” wasn’t even trying. I mean, look at that beard. Which reminds me, the Nationals should invite Marcin Gortat to run in an upcoming Presidents Race.

Matt Williams takes out “Tom.” (Via MASN)

One by one, the Diamondbacks’ Legends assaulted the “Racing Presidents,” who never made it to the finish line.

(Via MASN)

With Manager Matt Williams looking on, Mascot Matt Williams failed to win the race for a second consecutive game because he stopped to kick “Teddy”/Groucho after the Big Unit shoved him to the ground.

And the Nationals lost the game to this guy, who is not a mascot.


(Thanks to @recordsANDradio for the Vine)