Washington’s road mark this playoff season has been historically great. The Wizards, in case you’ve forgotten, are 5-1 on the road. Here are other teams that have finished an NBA playoffs with a winning percentage at least as good as Washington’s .833. (Minimum of three games played.)

Lakers, 2000-2001: 8-0 (Won NBA Finals)

Spurs, 1998-1999: 8-1 (Won NBA Finals)

Pistons, 1988-1989: 7-1 (Won NBA Finals)

Bulls, 1990-1991: 7-1 (Won NBA Finals)

Lakers, 1971-1972: 6-1 (Won NBA Finals)

Sixers, 1982-1983: 5-1 (Won NBA Finals)

I’m sensing something in common from all these teams. Can’t put my finger on it.

Anyhow, the bizarre thing for the Wizards is that they’ve been nearly as bad at home as they’ve been great on the road: just 1-3 during the postseason. Which led Marcin Gortat to say this to Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller late Tuesday night.

“I’m glad I was part of that team that won today and dominated, but again, we can’t get excited,” Gortat said. “We can’t get excited. We gotta do the same thing in D.C. it’s not gonna be easy. It sounds crazy, but unfortunately we gonna play at home. And everybody knows how we play at home. So it’s gonna be tough, but we gotta win it.”

It doesn’t sound all that crazy. In fact, Wizards fans were lining up to offer solutions that would take Game 6 out of Verizon Center, or at least make the players think they were somewhere else.

Still, other Wizards players seemed excited to come home.