(Via Fox 5)

Members of the Gruden family have compared brothers Jon and Jay before, as in Dave Sheinin’s profile of the new Redskins coach:

“Jon is the more emotional guy,” said Jim Gruden Sr., in a telephone interview. “Jay is more laid back. I’ve seen him lose his cool, of course. But Jon can flip the switch on in a second — Jay’s not like that. He doesn’t fly off the handle. He’s kind of a different dude from Jon.”

With Jon Gruden in town to speak at a banquet honoring Joe Gibbs, Fox 5’s Lindsay Murphy asked the brothers to make the comparison themselves.

“I have a lot of faults,” Jon Gruden said. “You know, he was a lot better player than I was. He’s a lot better coach. I couldn’t take care of my emotions. I’m still a basket case. They called me Chucky, so I think you get my drift.”

“I’m a little bit more laidback than he is — on the surface that is,” Jay Gruden said. “We’re both very competitive. We love to win, we love football, and that runs in the family I guess. Football runs in our blood and we love to compete. We love to win, and we’ll do whatever it takes to do that.”

Murphy also asked Jay Gruden if he’s picked the brain of Gibbs yet.

“Dan [Snyder] has filled me in a lot about Joe Gibbs and what he brought to the team and what he meant to the franchise. And hopefully I follow in his footsteps and do some great things like him, but it is big shoes to fill, I’ll tell you that,” Gruden said. “I haven’t had a lot of time to talk to him yet. He’s a pretty busy guy, you know what I mean? So hopefully I’ll be able to pick his brain tonight and in the future also.”

“No advice! I give no advice to Jay!” Gibbs joked. “He’s gonna do great. The only thing I would help him with is Washington and what it’s all about. But I told him when he first got the job, I talked to him that first day and I just said you’re gonna love it. I said it’s the greatest place in the world to coach, it’s the greatest sports franchise in the world, and I said you’re gonna love Dan Snyder.”