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Next up in the world’s quest to reveal every famous person’s thoughts about the Redskins name: “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek.

You’ll recall that Trebek — who correctly predicted playoff berths for both the Nats and Redskins in 2012 — is a longtime Skins fan. Here’s an excerpt from his 2012 conversation with WJLA’s Alex Parker, not long before the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III.

“I’m not a fair-weather friend,” Trebek said. “If things turn bad, I am not going to abandon you. I am still a Washington Redskins fan, since the days of Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen, and I still cheer for them. And I’m curious as all get-out as to who they’re going to pick with their No. 2 selection in the draft. …

“Griffin is going to be something special. He IS something special, because he is multi-talented, multi-faceted. He can pass, he can run, he can do a lot of things, and I think Washington is going to be very happy if they get him.”

With his credentials thus established, we turn to the Trebek feature in the New Republic, which focuses on his longevity and seniority in a changing television landscape.

Mostly, he unwinds by watching television. “Breaking Bad” and “Deadwood” are recent favorites; the Lakers a constant. During football season, he follows the Redskins, whom he doesn’t think should change their name.

“They weren’t called the Redskins because we thought Redskins were terrible; it’s because we admire their strength, their abilities,” he says.

So put Trebek squarely in the pro-Redskins name camp.

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