A few longtime readers cannot get enough Gheorghe Muresan news. Well, maybe like two readers. Still, out of respect for them, I bring you this dialog between Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler during Friday night’s Nats broadcast, heard locally on 106.7 The Fan.

It began, as do all great conversations, with some back-and-forth about the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.

“I had people asking me about it at the Wizards game last night,” Slowes said. “The monkey rodeo. At the Wizards game.”

“Oh, all right,” Jageler answered. “Did you have a radio party at the Wizards game?” he asked, a sly reference to Dave Johnson’s Wizards broadcasts I believe.

“It was fun; it was fun to go to a big basketball game,” said Slowes, the former radio voice of the Bullets. “We haven’t had one like that in this town in a long, long time.”

“Not the good outcome, though,” Jageler said. “Fun run for the Wiz, though.”

“Saw some old friends,” Slowes said. “Saw Harvey Grant. Remember him? … Ran into Gheorghe Muresan before the game, Dave. He listens to our broadcasts. He’s a fan.”

“And why wouldn’t he be?” Jageler asked.

“He says to me, ‘I listened to you the other day.’ He says: ‘You and your partner, you talk about all these different things, and I’m yelling at my radio what’s the score, what’s the score?’ ”

“5-0, Gheorghe,” Jageler noted. “5-0.”

“Everybody wants to take a picture with him, Dave,” Slowes went on. “He’s there a lot at their games, he runs a basketball camp, does different things, but takes a lot of pictures. I said, ‘Do you ever get tired of people asking to take a picture with you?’ He goes, ‘Ehhhhh, sometimes.’ He says, ‘It’s okay, it’s like “Good Morning America.” ‘ ”

Anyhow, it just goes to show you: Everyone everywhere thinks every radio broadcaster needs to mention the score more.

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