Oh…my… (Via MASN)

Things got weird during Monday night’s Presidents Race at Nationals Park. Really, really weird. Tom and George attempted to clothesline Abe, sending all three presidents tumbling to the ground. After Abe landed hard on his tailbone, a human head popped out of the chest area of his jersey.

Players and coaches in the Nationals’ bullpen reacted as if they had just seen a human head emerge from the chest of an oversized mascot version of the Great Emancipator. Which they had.

Alien Abe tucked his human head back into his chest, got up and continued toward the finish line. When he turned around to taunt Tom and George, Teddy emerged from the stands along the first base line and took him out.

(Thanks to @md_dc for the GIF, @recordsANDradio for the Vine and Let Teddy Win for the video.)