(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

This is a video of the end of the seventh-inning stretch during Sunday’s Nats game. If you listen to the music, you’ll notice that it’s Martha & the Vandellas singing “Dancing in the Street.”

Pretty standard ballpark musical fare. But for more than a year, the seventh-inning stretch at Nats Park has been reserved for A-ha’s ‘Take On Me,’ a remnant of the magical summer and fall of 2012 when Michael Morse helped that tune become a Nats anthem. The crowd’s renditions from Game 4 and Game 5 of the NLDS that October still kind of give me chills.

Still, some fans and writers — and at least one player — thought more than a year of post-Morse “Take On Me” was enough. Our poll on the topic last month had a pretty clear majority of fans in favor of moving on.

Over the weekend, it happened. For at least the final two games against the Mets, the seventh-inning stretch was A-ha-less.

A Nats spokeswoman told me Monday that after getting some feedback from fans, the team decided to mix up the musical selection and try some new things during that seventh-inning break. They are keeping future options flexible.

A Twitter user pointed out that “Dancing in the Street” finished third in a Nats poll about what song should be used at the stadium after wins. Many fans noticed and reacted to the change in seventh-inning stretch music. Some liked it, and some didn’t.