(Via MASN)

Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche, who is on the disabled list with a right quadriceps injury, joined the MASN broadcast booth for a couple of innings of Sunday’s game against the Mets.

“Duck Dynasty just sat down next to me,” said color commentator F.P. Santangelo, who joked with LaRoche about joining him and play-by-play man Bob Carpenter while the Nationals were in Arizona last week.

LaRoche, who revealed he doesn’t know how to keep score, had positive things to say about all of his teammates during his time in the booth. He was especially complimentary of Anthony Rendon, though he’d appreciate it if Rendon didn’t throw the ball 100 miles per hour on putouts from second base.

“I’ve told him 100 times he’s either going to break my glove or hit me in the mouth,” LaRoche said.

When Rendon was at the plate, LaRoche raved about his lightning-quick hands.

“I want to go on the record here and say this guy is going to win at least one batting title before this is over,” LaRoche said. “He’s one of the most impressive youngsters I’ve ever seen. … The calmness about him, you just don’t see it. Whether it’s his first at bat with nobody on, or bases loaded late in the ballgame, the guy puts up consistent at bats. He’s never in a rush. He just has a knack for slowing the game down.”

LaRoche said he hopes to come off the DL on Sunday and he’s eager to get back, in part because he has a friendly wager with Ian Desmond every year about who will hit the most home runs.

“I told him yesterday, I said get a big lead because I’m coming,” LaRoche said. “I’m coming strong.”

Before turning in his headset, LaRoche suggested he might have a future in TV.

“I had a blast,” he said. “I may sneak back in tomorrow.”

LaRoche didn’t appear in the booth on Monday night, but judging by the reviews on Twitter, a future appearance would make many fans very happy.