I think sporting events are grand playgrounds for adults at which almost any non-illegal or -disgusting behavior should be accepted, as long as it’s causing either happiness or self-actualization. I think public shaming of adults for having fun at sporting events is probably a bad idea, even if I’ve occasionally participated in that loathsome habit myself.

But I will make an exception for this guy who wore a Boston Red Sox hat and a Dallas Cowboys jacket to a Nats-Reds game. Don’t do that, people.

It’s quite reminiscent of the gentleman who wore a New York Yankees hat and a Dallas Cowboys jersey to a Redskins training camp practice last summer. That prompted me to write this, which still holds:

I’m going to go ahead and venture one bit of pop psychology in this space, with the following observation: If you wear a Cowboys jersey, or a Steelers jersey, or a Giants jersey to Redskins training camp [or a Nats game], you are crying out for attention. This cheap thrill of having people point and jeer is now acting as a substitute for some other, deeper issue in your life. Back away from camp, go get a chai latte, and think about why you are so desperate for strangers to notice you.

To be fair, it got a bit chilly late Monday night. Maybe this guy’s only recourse was a Cowboys jacket. Which he brought along in order to make strangers notice him.

Also, don’t read books during extra innings.

(Via @RyanJKelly and @BFitts21)