Look Ma, one hand! (Via MASN)

During Wednesday’s Nationals-Reds game, MASN showed a short clip of Bryce Harper, with his surgically repaired left thumb in a brace, catching and throwing a football in the Nationals Park outfield before the game.

Apologies for the “80s Home Video Footage” filter I somehow managed to activate on Vine:

“Before the game today, that guy, Bryce Harper, doing his best RGIII imitation, throwing the football out there,” F.P. Santangelo said. “Running a few patterns, too.”

“Okay, I feel better now that I saw him do that one-handed,” a concerned Bob Carpenter said. “I’m thinking, we’re going to have a broken thumb catching footballs?”

Any diving catches that Harper made were edited out of MASN’s clip to avoid any further consternation.

“Well there’s his RGIII,” Santangelo said. “He just did his DeSean Jackson right there, run a little post pattern to start.”

“All right, I feel better,” Carpenter said.

MASN’s Dan Kolko reported that Harper will meet with an occupational therapist soon and start range of motion exercises with his thumb.

(Via MASN)

(Thanks to @dcuniverse and MLB Cut 4.)