One of the things I most enjoy doing on holidays is checking out RGIII’s signature holiday cleats.

Seen above is the newest, the Memorial Day version.

And who could forget the recent Mother’s Day version, which — like the Memorial Day version — carried the historical curse of not technically dropping during NFL season.

Back in the actual football season, there was also a Veteran’s Day version, which was similar to but slightly different from the Memorial Day version.

There have also been signature colors that were worn to the White House and presented in a zebra-camo pattern, although I’m not sure either commemorated a holiday per se.

Anyhow, the upcoming calendar would seem to present plenty of opportunities for new signature cleats. Flag Day is June 14; that design should be obvious. The next day is Father’s Day; I’d suggest something in muted browns and greens, to complement the hot pink Mother’s Day kicks. July 4 calls for colorways with fireworks and hot dogs. And Aug. 19 is National Aviation Day; Fly, Redskins, Fly.

Unfortunately, we all seem to have missed National Jewel Day, which falls in March. No Pressure, No Diamonds?