(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what Andrew McCutchen is saying in this promo spot for MLB 14 The Show.

“My wood-eating friends here may not know, but we’ve got players from all over the globe, and that’s why we call it the World Series,” McCutchen says while staring down one real panda and several stuffed ones.. “And since animals are in the world, I’m strongly suggesting they get their act together if they want to compete. It’s one thing to be on the Panda Cam; it’s a whole other thing to be in The Show.”

And so on. Whatever. He can insult pandas.

But then, in the video, the reigning NL MVP points his bat at the camera says this: “Baseball is better than Bao Bao.”

You’re going to go after Bao Bao? After torching the Nats for 5 million games in a row? Sheesh. You can destroy our baseball team if you have to, but leave our poor panda alone.

(Via @therealSamWow)