Ryan Clark explains his Redskins optimism. (Via ESPN)

A month ago, Redskins safety and ESPN analyst Ryan Clark predicted the Redskins would go 16-0 this season. On Thursday, he attempted to explain that bold prediction during a discussion of projected NFC East win totals on ESPN’s “NFL Live.”

“That is what you want from a team leader,” Clark said. “You want to believe you can go out and win every game. So I was just showing my team, and my fans, and my organization how I truly feel about what we can do this year.”

“He’s thinking positive,” an unconvinced Antonio Pierce said to Mark Schlereth. “He’s on the right track.”

“I mean, he’s lying, but he is thinking positive,” Schlereth joked.

When Clark was asked whether the Cowboys will go over or under their projected eight wins in 2014, I half expected him to say Dallas would finish 0-16. Think of your fans, Ryan. Alas, he was more reasonable than that.

“I’m going even because this team is consistent: 8-8, 8-8, 8-8,” said Clark, who later predicted 10 wins for the Eagles. “So why should they change anything this year? I’m going with the Cowboys to do what they always do now, and that’s get good TV ratings and be a mediocre team.”

Burn. That’s two more wins than Cowboys fan Skip Bayless sees for Big D.