(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

True story: I was at Washington National Cathedral on a recent weekday evening. Two local gents were writing large chalk messages to two local lasses on the pathways outside National Cathedral School, messages that they presumably would discover in the morning. I asked the gents if it was true that the “promposal” is now a bigger deal than the prom itself. They agreed ’twas so.

And so it was that one local girl — “Lexi” — decided to ask one local gent — “Jack” — to prom, on 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny show, with the help of Robert Griffin III.

“All right Jack, this is Robert Griffin III, just in case you were wondering,” Robert Griffin III said. “Um, my friend Lexie, she’s a great girl, but she is a little shy. And she wanted to ask you to prom man. So here I am, as her personal prom asker. Will you go to prom with her, man?”

“Lexi, I would love to be your date to prom,” Jack responded, to applause.

After much giggling and celebration and talk of clothes and such, Griffin gave the happy couple a parting message.

“Just have a lot of fun, live it up,” Griffin said. “And last thing, Jack, Lexi will call me if anything goes wrong.”

“Oh my God,” Lexi noted.

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