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MASN asked fans to submit questions for Nationals Manager Matt Williams this week via Twitter using the hashtag #AskMatt, and while the response wasn’t a debacle of #AskEmmert proportions, it wasn’t exactly a rousing success either.

Most of the recent questions tagged #AskMatt on Twitter are for teen Vine sensation Matt Espinosa and teen pop singer Matt Hunter, though I’d really like to believe that someone asked Williams to be her prom date … 10 times.

The Facebook campaign was more successful in generating questions, even if most of them won’t ever make it to Williams. There are some serious questions — Why do the Nationals take so many first-pitch fastballs for strikes? — but far more silly ones. Here are nine of the best questions you’re unlikely to see answered on MASNsports.com today.

1. It seems we lose the home games when I wear my favorite Nats shirt. Some fans in Section 311 suggest that I take one for the team by no longer wearing this shirt. Please confirm to Section 311 that our winning or losing does not depend on Mary’s shirt. Thank you.

2. Why wasn’t Ramos benched [Monday] after he didn’t touch first on the ground ball he hit to the pitcher?

Several fans asked a variation of this legitimate question, which will probably be left alone. While holding his bat, Ramos made a right turn toward the dugout before reaching first base following a groundout in Monday’s loss.

(Via MASN)

3. Best treatment for mosquito bites?

4. Hey Skipper! If Godzilla were to eat one of the Nationals right now, who would you want him to eat?

5. Can we see more of Zach Walters in LF or better yet, 3B and move Rendon to 2B until Zimm/Harper gets back?

Is that you, Jose?

6. Are you sorry you took the job?

7. Please stop using the tired phrase “we competed” when describing the nats play when they lose Redskin fans heard that phrase from Norv Turner and Jim Zorn.

8. Why can’t we win more games?

9. Do you even lift?

This post will be updated if Williams answers any of these questions today.