(Courtesy receipt)

We already knew that John Wall has some interesting culinary preferences. He drinks two large-sized hot chocolates with extra sugar every day. He eats hamburgers with just the meat and the bun. He doesn’t eat ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or pickles. And so on.

Now here’s a new one. You can go to Thai Chili — inside Verizon Center — and order an off-menu delicacy known as “John Wall Fried Rice.” It got that name because Wall orders it so frequently — once or twice a week during the season, for going on three years.

When some members of the team’s staff went to eat there this week, sans Wall, someone in the party ordered Wall’s favorite dish. The receipt actually had Wall’s name on it, as seen above.

So what exactly is John Wall Fried Rice?

“Shrimp fried rice with no tails and no vegetables,” someone at Thai Chili told me over the phone. “We know what he want, what he [doesn’t] want.”

Like, he wants zero vegetables. At all. I was told servers write that on the order slip for the kitchen “so they know exactly what they need.”

I also asked if ordinary non-Wizard citizens can just walk in and order the John Wall Fried Rice. 

“You can get it if you want to order that, no problem,” I was told. “Just stop by whenever you’re ready.”

It’s worth it just for the receipt.