As your preeminent source for news concerning D.C. sports facial hair, people talking on cable television about the Redskins’ nickname and Old Bay-flavored food items, we can hardly ignore the recent announcement that Herr’s would be adding Old Bay-flavored Cheese Curls and Old Bay-flavored Popcorn to its previously lonely line of Old Bay-flavored Potato Chips.

(Via Mr. Dee’s)

You’ll recall that Old Bay and Flying Dog helped set the world afire this spring with the Old Bay-flavored Dead Rise Summer Ale. Also, via the Baltimore Sun, comes news that there are now Old Bay-seasoned potato products in the frozen-food aisle. Looks like Potato Bites and Seasoned Fries, made by Mr. Dee’s. Here’s an excerpt from the Sun story, which is essential reading for anyone interested in Old Bay or spice seasoning mixtures more generally:

Jessica Schatz, brand manager for Old Bay, said these efforts — part of the company’s summer-long 75th anniversary celebration — are attempts to expand Old Bay’s fan base.

“It’s really important to get a broader love” for Old Bay, Schatz said. Although Old Bay has distribution nationwide, she said, “The sales are best in Maryland, and we’d really love to expand that area of people who love Old Bay.”

Schatz declined to provide sales numbers but said the company has “been seeing growth” in the Mid-Atlantic market and nationwide.

Stay tuned for even more updates on flavored salty snacks, at least until someone tells me to stop doing this.