(AP Photo / used by Didier campaign in 2010) (AP Photo / used by Didier campaign in 2010)

Note: I was planning on just a single item about you know what on this day, but several readers have complained that Thursday’s Mark Schlereth item was not joined by a Clint Didier item on Friday. So here is the Clint Didier item. Several readers will no doubt complain about it. Me, I’m going to drink a ginger ale. 

In the same week that ex-Redskins lineman Mark Schlereth said it’s time to change the Redskins name, ex-Redskins tight end Clint Didier spoke out on the name’s behalf.

Didier, a candidate for the GOP congressional nomination in Washington’s 4th district, said in an interview with Politico that “If people don’t like [the name], they won’t go to the games. Let the people of the country decide, not the government, or the league.”

Didier previously attempted to secure the GOP’s nomination in a Washington Senate race, using Redskins-themed ads and campaign literature. And he has defended the name before, telling the Washington Examiner in March that “When you try to take the name away, you are slapping the Native Americans in the face because you don’t want to recognize them.”

His remarks in Politico were more extensive; Didier complained that U.S. Senators were talking about a team mascot during the VA hospitals crisis, maintained that “there was a Native American coach and three Native American players that were responsible for the naming of the Washington Redskins,” and made the slippery slope argument as well, telling Politico that “people are going to find the New England Patriots to be offensive to some.”

“When you start peeling away these mascot names, then you’re going to be taking away the heritage of some of these Native Americans that want that to remain,” Didier told Politico.

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