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Robert Griffin III helps Centreville student with a promposal that will make you smile

For the second time in a week, Robert Griffin III helped a local student ask a classmate to prom, and this time, he did it in person.

During a playoff lacrosse game on Thursday at Centreville High School, Griffin and Centreville student Morgan Assel hid behind a large banner as they walked along the track toward Assel’s classmate, Juwaan Espinal, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

“I know I’m not as cool as RGIII, but will you go to…” the banner read.

When they got close to Espinal, Griffin and Assel emerged holding a smaller banner.

Espinal is non-verbal, but the reaction on his face upon seeing his favorite player said it all. Of course he’d go to prom with Assel. Any chance that RGIII could tag along?

“I’m just really excited and really grateful that RGIII came to help Juwaan,” Assel told WJLA. It just really means a lot that people are willing to do this for him because he is such a special person and he really deserves it.”

Griffin took selfies with Espinal, who has previously served as an honorary co-captain for the Centreville football team, and signed autographs as part of what has to be the area’s greatest promposal of the year. I’ve already watched it three times.

“What a blessing this kid is to his community and he’s a ladies man!” Griffin wrote on Instagram.