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Rush Limbaugh predicts a Redskins name change ‘sooner rather than later’

(Micah Walter / Reuters file photo)

This is an item about the Redskins name. If you’re not interested in that topic, I’d suggest you stop reading now. If you’re looking for alternate Sports Bog content, our last six items were about the Wizards, Harold Reynolds batting in an Orioles uniform, an RGIII promposal, Joe Beninati on D.C. United broadcasts, a Phish chant at Nats games and Maryland baseball. Maybe try those instead.

Rush Limbaugh has talked about the Redskins name before. Last summer, for example:

“The change advocates are a bunch of leftists who simply want to empower the federal government to impose what they believe under the name of change….The fact of the matter is, our society is NOT that offended by it, and DOESN’T think that it’s that big a deal, as evidenced by Redskins sell-outs and high TV ratings. So the advocates, the people who don’t like the Redskins names are just a bunch of PC jerks. They’re politically correct liberals who want the federal government to come in – wah wah wah wah, we don’t like Redskins, and we don’t want to have to see it.”

And so on. But while Limbaugh has defended the name in the past, he said this week that he believes the name will change, and “sooner rather than later.”

This discussion is lengthy. He began by talking about the campaign from the National Congress of American Indians to get NFL players to comment on the team’s name.

“Wait a minute, Congress of American Indians?” Limbaugh asked. “I thought that was an offensive term. I guess it’s kind of like the NAALCP, the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People. It’s the traditional name of the organization; THEY can use it. Just like the National Congress of American Indians. But if I were to say American Injuns, whoa, that’d be a problem right? That’s the way they said it in the Westerns when I was growing up, but I realize now that was very insensitive and insulting, and the Indians in the movies acted that way too, they were never happy….

“So the National Congress of American Indians, they’re leading the charge here to get all the NFL players to do what? Well they’re sending letters to the teams and they’re tweeting directly to the players with the hashtag — oh it’s a hashtag campaign! — #rightsideofhistory….

“They’re bringing out the big guns on this Redskins business,” Limbaugh said. “They’ve got a hashtag here, #rightsideofhistory. Look, they’ve tried talking to [Daniel] Snyder. They’ve tried talking to [Roger] Goodell to talk to Snyder. They’ve tried to go to the other owners to talk to Snyder to talk to Goodell. They’ve tried talking to Bruce Allen, the president and CEO, general manager of the Redskins. That hasn’t gotten ’em anywhere. So now they’re gonna go big guns. Time for the hashtag now.

“You know, I’m sure it was a last resort,” Limbaugh said. “They are going to go to players who use the N-word against and about each other on the field to pressure the Redskins to change their name…. They should have done this first. But they tried all the other direct appeals. Now essentially they’re trying to enlist this massive number of low-information Twitterverse people to get this thing done.

“One thing about the Left, they never give up,” Limbaugh said. “There is no permanent defeat, once they decide they want something. The Redskins name is going to be changed at some point. I don’t know when and I don’t know under what circumstances, but the Redskins name is gonna get changed. And I predict to you sooner rather than later. Show me where the opposite is happening in this country. Show me where they’re NOT getting what they want. Show me. If you think that they’re gonna lose this fight to get the Redskins to change their name, show me where they’re losing such fights.

“Show me who is even pushing back,” Limbaugh said. “Snyder is one of the few all over the country who’s even pushing back on such an effort. I’m just telling you. I’m just telling you. You can think I’m wrong; you can think I’m right. I’m just telling you. I’m using intelligence guided by experience. No, I don’t know what the new name is gonna be. The Foreskins? “We got you covered?” I don’t know….

“You know, the solution to the Washington Redskins controversy is right in front of our face, and you don’t even have to change the name,” Limbaugh said after a break. “Just change the mascot. Just change the icon to a potato, a red-skinned potato. You know, dress it up, have a flashy looking potato, maybe put a football helmet on the potato or something, and you can keep calling them the Washington Redskins. There are red-skinned potatoes out there. Aren’t there?

“I mean, that would be the fastest thing,” Limbaugh said. “You don’t have to change the name of the team. Just change the mascot from Chief Noc-A-Homa or whoever to a potato. Maybe you could call them the Watergate Burglars, so that we never forget one of the greatest crimes in American political history perpetrated by the Republicans.”

That was the end of the segment.