One of my longtime readers — who enjoys needling me in the comments section — recently suggested that, in lieu of another post about the Redskins name, I provide an update on Albert Haynesworth.

(Note: this isn’t a totally accurate recap of what he suggested. But it makes the introduction better.)

Anyhow, turns out there is real Albert Haynesworth news to report. His long-mentioned first restaurant project — a BurgerFi outlet in Knoxville — has finally opened. This provided occasion for Haynesworth to go on a Tennessee-centric program — the Dave Hooker Show, the same program on which he slammed Mike Shanahan last December — to talk about hamburger protocol.

(Note: If you have any better suggestions, the inbox is always open.)

“We really care about what we’re doing here, and giving great food — all natural food — and also trying to save the planet at the same time,” Haynesworth said. “All we do here at BurgerFi, we really control [everything] from the day our cows are born. Our cows are 24-months of grass fed, and the last three months they eat corn and grass. When we say all natural, we go to the fact that we don’t use motorized vehicles on our farms. We still have cowboys. That’s how they herd the cattle, with cowboys. There’s no motorcycles, no helicopters or anything like that. Literally. we take it serious when we say all-natural.”

So now look in the mirror and ask yourself, would you rather read about the Redskins name change or quotes from Albert Haynesworth about using cowboys to herd the cattle that produce his Knoxville hamburgers. Or embrace death.

“It’s an unbelievable burger,” Haynesworth said. “It’s all-natural, the taste is just unbelievable. So why not share it with my Tennesseans?”

See, he’s just about sharing. Haynesworth said he will begin house-hunting in the area, because another BurgerFi location is already on tap. Also, he said all the tables are made from recyclable products. “Even the wood is recyclable,” he said. “The table we’re sitting on right now is milk jugs and water bottles that’s been recycled. And they cost a lot to do it, but we care more about our environment than just trying to save money.”

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