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“Hard, fast and all-out. Every practice. Every single play.”

This is how the game of baseball is played, Bryce Harper tells us as he chases flyballs and makes throws on a practice field in a new commercial for Rawlings. I imagine that Nationals Manager Matt Williams approves of this message.

“And it’s my time to play,” says Harper, who is recovering from left thumb surgery and played catch in the outfield before Friday’s game. “My time to achieve greatness.”

Harper’s Rawlings spot lacks the wacky special effects of his Gatorade commercial and the continuity errors of his T-Mobile ad. There’s not much to say about the ad other than it reminds Nationals fans that it is not yet Harper’s time to play.

You can order any of Harper’s three glove designs (all-scarlet, black-sherry and scarlet-navy) for $319.99 or $419.99, depending on whether you splurge for the Pro Preferred model over Heart of the Hide, or create your own with Rawlings’s Custom Glove Builder tool.

I made this glove for Dan.

(Via Rawlings.com)
(Via Rawlings.com)