(Alex Brandon/AP)

President Obama is going to Poland this week. Marcin Gortat is from Poland, and works in an office a few blocks away from Obama’s.

That meant a video message from Gortat to Obama. Tragically, he never mentioned pierogies. But he did invite the president to return to Verizon Center.

“Welcome to Poland Mr. President,” Gortat begins. “I’m Marcin Gortat from Washington Wizards, and I’m glad you find some time to visit my home country, where I was born and raised. I hope you’re gonna have wonderful time, you’re gonna have some time to discover beautiful places in our country and you’re gonna learn some history. After that, I would like to see you at the basketball game in Washington. Don’t forget, we have a brand new team, a lot of new challenges and we are back in playoffs. See you at the game.”

(Via @bulletsforever)