(Via YouTube)

In case you missed it, the Baltimore Sun recently reported that Old Bay would be releasing its first-ever TV commercials this spring.

“The first-ever Old Bay TV advertisements will debut this weekend in Baltimore; they will soon appear in other markets in the region,” the Sun reported in late May.

I still haven’t seen the commercials on television, which is probably not surprising since I only watch live sports television, and the only ads are for Old Spice and State Farm and that gross-looking jerky stuff and that one with Russell Wilson in the barber shop.

But because I’m unnaturally fascinated by regional-specific spice mixes, I had to watch the two Old Bay Spots. Here they are. One has many sports memories, including the Colts-Giants greatest game ever played, Wild Bill Hagy and Camden Yards. The other features people all over Baltimore using Old Bay, including an Orthodox Rabbi, who is presumably putting his Old Bay on corned beef, or possibly a vegan crab cake. (Note: I have no idea about meat. I have no idea what that thing is.)

(Via YouTube)

Because the question has to be asked, no, I am not actually a paid employee of McCormick & Company. No, Old Bay does not have anything to do with sports. I don’t know why I keep writing about it.

Anyhow, here are the ads.