(By Tony Quinn)

Here’s colleague Steven Goff describing the only goal scored in D.C. United’s 1-0 win on Saturday.

Fabian Espindola scored his seventh goal of the campaign, an intended cross to the back post that caught goalkeeper Eric Kronberg stepping forward instead of back and floated into the top corner.

Here’s the MLSSoccer.com version:

When asked whether his attempt at goal was an intentional one, a wry smile came over the exhausted forward’s face.

“I don’t know,” Espindola said, chuckling. “Look at the tape – if I lifted my head up, we’ll say that I saw the ‘keeper come off his line and I scored intentionally. If not, we’ll just call it a cross.”

So everything was a bit confusing for a moment. But it’s all good, because ball went in the net, and United won, and Frank Hanrahan produced one of the greatest radio goal calls of a D.C. United goal in franchise history. I assume. I’m not sure. I haven’t heard too many. But this is awesome.

“Frank is amazing,” Eric Bickel said this week on the Junkies, which brought the call to my attention. “I think Frank is the most talented broadcaster at this radio station actually. Frank is a superstar. Frank does it all: he does soccer, he does tennis, he does basketball. The guy does the best sports update you’ll ever hear. Frank is unbelievable. Frank made the call Saturday night for this goal, and it confused everybody, including Frank. I’m begging you to hear this.”

I’ve listened to this about 15 times, and I laughed every time. The rest of the Junkies encouraged Hanrahan to adopt this in the future.

“Maybe that’s his signature,” J.P. Flaim said. “We don’t know.”

“I think that has to be your signature now,” Jason Bishop said. “That’s got to be your signature

“I will do it,” Hanrahan said. “Absolutely.”

United’s games, of course, are now heard on 106.7 The Fan.