(AP Photo/Richard Lipski)

During his media availability following last Thursday’s practice at Redskins Park, quarterback Robert Griffin III was asked to summarize his personal to-do list between now and training camp.

“It’s on our shirts,” Griffin said. “Win everything, win every day. That’s the to-do list. So, seize every day, every opportunity when you’re supposed to be in here, watching the film, on the field. That’s basically it. It’s real vague, but that’s the way I approach everything.”

Griffin tweeted the mantra, which is cleverly abbreviated WE, on Monday. It hasn’t yet achieved hashtag status like #TheMovement, which Griffin previously explained to Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez, or even #GetYourMindRight, but it could only be a matter of time.

“We Steady Grinding Every Day to get what we want,” Griffin wrote on Instagram. “On the field & Off the Field. WE: Win Everyday, Win Everything #TheMovement #HTTR #GetYourMindRight”

DeSean Jackson posted the same graphic on his Instagram, which suggests the WE movement, not to be confused with #TheMovement, is growing.

It’s worth noting that the mantra has suffered from inconsistent #brand messaging in its infancy. Is it ‘Win Every Day, Win Everything,’ or ‘Win Everything, Win Every Day’? Does it depend on the day? And can we all agree it should always be be ‘Every Day,’ not ‘Everyday’? These are all good reasons to shorten it to WE.

UPDATE: The order doesn’t matter.

Anyway, Ryan Clark, who predicted the Redskins would go 16-0, has been embracing #WE (or #WEWE) for weeks.