At home, I’ve got a Ben Wallace autographed Bullets pennant, a Juwan Howard growth poster, a Rod Strickland replica jersey and a Bullets trash can with a detachable hoop. The rest of my personal collection of Bullets/Wizards memorabilia is confined to my desk.

(Scott Allen/The Washington Post)

John Wall and Gilbert Arenas McFarlane figures, a foam Bullets hat I found in a parking lot when I was about 10, a Chris Webber Starting Lineup and a somewhat creepy Arenas mask that the team gave out at the 2009 home opener.

I’d like to think that Gilbert Arenas has boxes upon boxes of leftover Arenas masks, but those weren’t among the items from his personal collection of sports memorabilia he shared via Instagram on Tuesday. A sampling:

Michael Jordan’s Undershorts

How many ppl can say they have #MJ game worn EVERYTHING #socks #tights #uncundershorts #warmupsweats #gameshorts #wizards4life

A Large Bobblehead of Himself

When they use to make big bobble heads #lowkey [this thing] scares me in the dark..I always think it’s a midget smdh

LeBron James’s High School Football Jersey

@kingjames #ST.vincent-ST.mary h.s jersey I really got some heat

Upper Deck Authenticated Kobe Bryant Signed Jerseys

Going thru my stuff…only 24 of these were signed I have #4 #carpe diem

Penny Hardaway Autographed Shoes

I was the first person with these @lauramgovan got penny to sign them in 2010 for my bday #offhisfeet

I’d trade you the mask for the bobblehead, Gilbert.

Thanks to @BulletsForever for sharing.