Back in early April, I noted that Terrance — the long-haired, large-lunged, insanely exuberant Nat pack member loved by some Nats fans and mocked by others — was missing. He was working with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and told Let Teddy Win that he wouldn’t be back until the Thunder’s season was finished.

Thanks to the Spurs, the Thunder’s season is now finished. And on Wednesday night, that meant Terrance was back.

This was, predictably, a polarizing development. Many fans rejoiced. Others were salty. Many fans suggested that Terrance was responsible for the home team’s offensive outburst against the Phillies. Other fans suggested that Terrance was responsible for the night’s lengthy rain delay.

Regardless, Terrance has not skipped a beat. He waved the flag on top of the dugout before the game started. He did his trademark “squat and smile” move for the cameras. He went to visit fans in the 400 level. He went to visit fans in the 100 level. And he stuck around till the end, doing what he does.

It’s almost unnecessary to ask your feelings about this development, because I already know. You think he’s a joyous, happy, enthusiastic and irrepressible embodiment of a day at the ballpark, the best and smiliest member of Nats Town, a symbol that work is somewhere else and gametime is funtime. Or you think he’s an affront to what makes baseball great, an unnecessary provider of noise and tumult, a signal that D.C. is not yet a true baseball town, a cheerleader in a sport that needs none.

Either way, Terrance is back.