(Alex Brandon/AP)

Wednesday night’s Nats-Phillies rain delay was the kind of rain delay that’s worth leaving. It was a weekday night. The score wasn’t close. The radar wasn’t friendly. Schools weren’t yet out of session. Nothing particularly historic was about to happen. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals was headed toward overtime. Plus, there were Phillies fans in the building.

And so, as the delay stretched to nearly two hours in length, almost everyone left. What fans remained mostly congregated behind the dugouts in the 100 level. And lucky them!

In keeping with his fan-friendliest reputation, Ian Desmond rewarded some of those fans by flinging great quantities of free clubhouse treats over the dugout and into the stands.  Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo identified the treats as bubble gum and sunflower seeds. I’m assuming when the cameras weren’t looking, Desmond also flung sandwiches and green juice into the stands.

(First blogged by Nats Enquirer, via @mimiph)