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Mired in a 3-for-32 slump entering Wednesday’s game at Texas, Orioles slugger Chris Davis hit his eighth home of the season in the fifth inning of Baltimore’s 6-5 win. When Davis returned to the dugout after rounding the bases for the first time in nine games, none of his teammates were at the dugout steps to greet him.

Unfazed, Davis celebrated with his imaginary friends instead.

The silent treatment was a fitting reception for Davis, who compared coming back to Texas, where he started his career, to an old girlfriend.

I love coming back here,” Davis told Dallas’s 105.3 The Fan. “I get to sleep in my own bed. I actually love the heat. It’s funny. When you grow up in it and have played in for so long and then you’re gone, you can forget it. But this is a quick reminder. You know, it’s kind of like an old girlfriend coming back here. You don’t really remember all the bad things. You only seem to remember the good things, so I enjoy coming back here and seeing all my family and friends. I like playing against these guys.”

The gag was reminiscent of 2012, when a slumping Mark Reynolds left Manager Buck Showalter hanging after a homer at Fenway Park. Reynolds expected the silent treatment, so he put his head down and ran straight to the clubhouse tunnel.

“I think I stood Buck up,” Reynolds told The Sun. “He was trying to give me a five and I ran by him, but I didn’t mean to. I gave him a five when I came back out.”

The Nationals did this to John Lannan after he hit his first career home run in 2011 and probably other times that I can’t remember.

UPDATE: Nats gave Jhonatan Solano the silent treatment after his first career homer.

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