“Sacking quarterbacks is hard work, but avoiding the blitz on your wallet? Easy.” – Ryan Kerrigan in a Wendy’s commercial.

At Wednesday’s “Movies with Morris” charity event in Ashburn, I asked a few Redskins players which of their teammates we’re most likely to see starring on a big screen other than the one at Dallas’s AT&T Stadium. The question was routinely met with laughter, which suggests Matthew McConaughey, the Redskins’ guest of honor at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, need not worry about relinquishing his title as the nation’s best actor anytime soon.

“I guess I would have to say Pierre [Garcon],” offered Chris Baker, who recalled acting in school plays as a kid, but couldn’t remember any specific roles. “He’s in all those Paisano’s commercials. They’re pretty funny.”

Teammate Niles Paul, who has zero acting experience, sounded surprised I even had to ask.

“Ryan Kerrigan,” Paul said. “Did you not see the sunshine commercial?”

Oh, right. The sunshine commercial. I assured Paul I had seen Kerrigan’s spot for Thompson Creek windows, in which he plays a rather convincing sun.

Kerrigan, whose resume also includes ads for Modell’s and Wendy’s, told me he never acted as a kid.

“What I’m doing now is just reading off a teleprompter, so it’s really not that bad,” he said. “It’s not that hard; you just gotta make sure it doesn’t look like you’re reading.”

Kerrigan’s latest commercial, a 15-second spot for Wendy’s that required about 10 takes over the course of an hour, was a breeze compared to his eight-hour shoots with Thompson Creek.

“It’s a lot of takes,” Kerrigan said. “You really come to appreciate actors and not only commercials, but movies, how long that must take to get the right lighting, the right take. Having experienced it a little bit, these guys impress me.”

Paul was less impressed with the sunshine spot, giving it one star, but he said it had more to do with the premise of the commercial than Kerrigan’s acting.

“I got a little flak for it initially, but I was happy I did it because it was fun,” Kerrigan said. “It was funny, it was goofy. That’s really who I am. I don’t show that side of me much, but that’s who I am.”

Redskins movie buff Alfred Morris has appeared in his fair share of commercials as well, including one for Eastern Motors last year. His latest foray into acting was a breakout performance in a one-minute campaign video for the Madden Cover vote.

“Ever since I was a kid I thought being in movies looked so fun, but I had to get over my stage fright at first,” Morris said. “Now I’m way beyond that. Doing the Madden thing, there were people watching us do it and I felt kinda nervous, but I’m glad I did it. That’s only a small glimpse of what real actors do.”

Morris said he got a chance to talk to McConaughey after the real actor watched Redskins practice on Wednesday.

“I told him if you have a role that you need to fill, just call me,” Morris said.  “I think I could do any type. Something serious, a comedy, or even action. I really couldn’t pick one. Beggars can’t be choosers.”