(Photo: Jim Bridges/HBO)

Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg considers himself one of the biggest movie buffs on the team.

“I pride myself on winning the Movie Game at all times,” Sundberg told me at Wednesday’s “Movies With Morris” charity event. “My movie database, my DVD collection and iTunes library is absolutely giant.”

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Movie Game, sometimes known as BOMB, the rules are simple. One person starts by naming a movie or an actor. If that person names a movie, the next person has to name an actor who was in that movie. The next person then has to name another movie that the actor named by the second person was in, and on and on. If someone breaks the chain, he gets a strike or a letter and a new round begins. The last person remaining wins. So, if I started the game by saying “The Lion King,” you might say Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Then I might say “Tom and Huck” and you’d probably lose the round, though I’d be the bigger loser.)

Sundberg picked “The Lion King” as the movie that was shown in his designated theater at Wednesday’s event and said “The Little Mermaid” is his favorite movie, but his interests aren’t limited to Disney’s animated flicks. And yes, he’s a big fan of Matthew McConaughey, Wednesday’s guest of honor.

“I actually just watched ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ the other day and I loved it,” Sundberg said. “I thought it was awesome. The transformation that [McConaughey] had to make to even have a role in that movie was absolutely unreal.  I already had a ton of respect for him, but I gained so much more respect for him – watching how much weight he had to lose just to have a role in that movie. But I’d actually say that my favorite role of his is ‘True Detective.’ Absolutely phenomenal. I watched the entire first season and then I watched ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ right after. I love that role. I thought he played it so perfect.”

Sundberg was the only player I talked to who had seen “True Detective,” Nic Pizzolatto’s acclaimed HBO series that starred McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in its first season. As we await the announcement of the three leads for Season Two of the series, which will reportedly be set in California and feature a new set of characters, I asked Sundberg which three teammates he would cast.

He considered the question for seven seconds before responding.

“I’m picking DeAngelo Hall,” he said. “I’ve already got you hooked just by the way he dresses. It’s amazing. I’m going Stephen Bowen. And you gotta have the crazy one. The crazy one will be … Brandon Meriweather, but he’d have to shave his dreads for the role. We’d need a cleaner look for this series, so if he doesn’t agree to shave his dreads off, we’ll go with myself, and I’ll play the crazy role.”