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I haven’t seen “Wolf of Wall Street,” because I don’t see movies. But apparently Matthew McConaughey is in it, and apparently he stars in a memorable scene in which he pounds on his own chest while making some sort of chanting sound.

“That’s something I’ll do before scenes to relax myself, get my voice to drop,” McConaughey told something called The Graham Norton Show. “I’ve been doing it for a while, but it’s just something I do to relax myself, get out of my head. And I was doing it before the scene, and then I’d start the scene. We do five takes. I’m happy, Martin [Scorcese’s] happy, we’re about to move on. And before we moved on, Leonardo [DiCaprio] raises his hand, he goes ‘Hang on a second, what’s that thing you were doing before the scene?’ And I told him. He goes ‘What if you put that in the scene?’ I was like ‘Yeah, great.’ “

So they did. As seen here.



Anyhow, McConaughey was in Ashburn last week, as previously noted, and before the headlining charity movie watching event, he and Larry Michael performed the chest thump on stage for the actor.

That little clip comes via Fox 5, whose Kevin McCarthy was on the scene for the event. He described the Snyder scene at least twice.

“When McConaughey took the stage, he started doing the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ chest chant, whatever you want to call that,” McCarthy reported on Fox 5. “There it is right there. Dan Snyder started it. It was a little awkward. I don’t know if McConaughey was trying to do it? But yeah, Snyder tried to do the Wolf of Wall Street chant.”

“Did you guys see the Dan Snyder video of him doing the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ chant?” McCarthy asked the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. “Snyder got up on stage, and it was kind of awkward in my opinion. It was super awkward. McConaughey’s standing there, and he starts doing the uhhhh-ahhhh, like pounding his chest, And McConaughey, I think he took a double-take, like is he really doing this, and then all of the sudden he got into it and actually did it with him. It was kind of cool.”

You can see the full video here. And heck, how about one more photo.

(Evan Vucci/AP)