While doing the tough journalism required to create an item about Bryce Harper going to the National Zoo wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat, I made a fascinating discovery: Gerard Pique and Shakira also went to the National Zoo last week! Just a couple days before Bryce Harper went to the National Zoo while wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat!

Pique and Shakira were in town, of course, for Spain’s international friendly against El Salvador at FedEx Field.

The Barcelona defender was not, apparently, wearing the hat of Madrid’s most famous ice hockey or rugby clubs. He was, however, wearing a lot of denim.

This will conclude the D.C. Sports Bog’s coverage of the 2014 World Cup.

Incidentally, the original provenance of these photos was a riddle too tough for my brain. So I’m not sure who should get the credit. Remind me never to go into the business of posting celebrity photos of athletes. Oh, wait.