Via John Riggins’s Facebook page and Riggo on the Range.

If you’re not familiar with “Riggo on the Range,” it’s a 30-minute program in which John Riggins and another famous person kill some animals and then Riggo cooks the animals and they eat them. It’s a pretty good concept for a show.

I first wrote about this two years ago, when Riggins started filming episodes for the Sportsman Channel. The show now airs Saturday mornings on Comcast SportsNet, and I got excited last summer when Riggins taped an episode that involved fishing with Joe Gibbs and Don Breaux.

That episode aired last Saturday. Here’s the summary:

The Riggobago sets sail for North Carolina to see Joe’s digs at Gibbs Racing. After the tour, the guys hit the water with former offensive coach Don Breaux for largemouth bass. The trip wouldn’t be complete without going to Charlotte Motor Speedway for a couple laps in the Riggobago.

If you didn’t watch it, you should have. Riggins made fun of Gibbs for being rich. Gibbs told stories about Russ Grimm pounding on Riggins’s back when he was choking in the cafeteria. Riggins said he used to sleep through the receivers meetings since Gibbs would never throw him the ball anyhow. Breaux cackled. Gibbs squealed. It was all good.

But the best part came at the very end, when for reasons unclear Riggins drove Gibbs around Charlotte Motor Speedway in his custom Winnebago, and then Gibbs leaped out of the passenger seat and jumped into Riggins’s arms as if they had just won a race. That would probably make the Redskins’ top 10 highlights from the past calendar year.