(Scott Allen/The Washington Post)

There’s a line in “The Shawshank Redemption” where Red (Morgan Freeman) is describing Andy’s (Tim Robbins) escape from Shawshank and says, “How often do you really look at a man’s shoes?”

It was hard not to notice Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg’s kicks last week, even in a darkened movie theater in Ashburn, where we discussed Sundberg’s love of movies and sneakers at the team’s “Movies With Morris” charity event. (Sundberg, one of the biggest movie buffs on the team, recognized the “Shawshank” line right away.)

“I don’t like to do things halfway, so when I find a shoe I like, I buy every pair,” Sundberg said, pulling up his pant legs to show off the floral pattern in the photo above. “So, this is the Stefan Janoski, Nike edition SB low-top. Janoski came out with 100 different colorways. I went online and every single one I liked, I just pulled the trigger on. It’s really tough to find a pair of [size] 13s, especially a couple years after they come out, so I had to do some real searching. I got another pair that’s just like them but the colorway is orange and black, and then I’ve got six other pairs of the same shoe.”

I noticed some of Sundberg’s teammates’ shoes at Pierre Garcon’s All-White charity event the following night, because shoes tend to pop when paired with white pants.

Pierre Garcon’s Jordan 1s. (Scott Allen/The Washington Post)

Pierre Garcon wore Air Force 1s Jordan 1s for the event. Unlike teammate Brian Orakpo, Garcon said he doesn’t consider himself a sneakerhead.

“I turned into a sneakerhead probably my junior year of college,” said Orakpo, who wore black Christian Louboutin sneakers. “I love Jordans, all numbers. Who doesn’t like Jordans?”

How many pairs of sneakers does Orakpo own?

“Gotta ask my wife that,” he said, “because she’s the one that keeps them in the basement for me.”

Brian Orakpo’s Louboutins. (Scott Allen/The Washington Post)

“I’m not into the whole Jordans and all that, but I have some shoes, yeah,” said Kai Forbath, who wore brown Christian Louboutin sneakers Thursday. “Not a closetful, but I’ve got a good amount.”

Kai Forbath’s Louboutins. (Scott Allen/The Washington Post)

“I probably have 50 pairs I haven’t even worn yet,” Niles Paul said. “I have too many shoes. I like Nike SBs and Jordans.”

“Too many to count,” Leonard Hankerson agreed. “If I like ’em, I want ’em. Brand doesn’t really matter to me.”

Sundberg listed Chris Neild, Trent Williams, Perry Riley, Rob Jackson, Santana Moss and Stephen Bowen as the biggest fellow sneakerheads on the team.

“We all enjoy a nice pair of shoes,” Sundberg said. “Most of us have bigger feet. It’s so difficult to find a pair of shoes that fit, so when you do and you find a pair it’s comfortable, that’s a game-changer.”