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Redskins fans weep after Bryce Harper wears a Cowboys hat to the zoo

There’s something admirable in Bryce Harper going to among the most public places in Washington — the National Zoo — on a gorgeous June weekend while wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat.

He knows he’s going to get photographed. He knows some those photographs will wind up online. He knows some D.C. sports fans will smh and wth and lol and “that’s a clown hat bro” him to pieces. But hey, he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan. His baseball geography can’t do anything to change that. (Recall that he also lists the Lakers and Duke among his favorites.)

At least most D.C. sports fans will appreciate his U.S. men’s national team jersey, I’d think. The rest of it, though, went pretty much as expected.

Not surprisingly, Harper also encountered a Cowboys fan who wanted to take a photo.