There was none of this Monday night for Michael Morse and the Giants. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Former Nationals slugger and fan favorite Michael Morse has been using A-ha’s “Take on Me” as his walk-up song for his third nightly plate appearance at AT&T Park all season. Morse reminded visiting reporters in the Giants’ clubhouse of this fact after he was told Monday that his former team has stopped playing the song during the seventh-inning stretch at Nationals Park.

Via Adam Kilgore:

“Really?” Morse said. “Aw man. I still got it here. It’s incredible. You’ll see. It’s something I’ll always have with the people of D.C. But you know? It’s to another level here. It’s a whole other level.”

Predictably, this rankled some Nationals fans.

I stayed up for Morse’s third at-bat because I was interested to hear what A-ha on another level sounded like. I was was also hoping it would provide a jolt of energy to carry me through the final two innings, lest I miss F.P. Santangelo talking about the difference between rookie and veteran seagulls. Alas, the crowd’s performance was disappointing.

Via 106.7 The Fan’s broadcast:

“Not as good,” Dave Jageler said.

“Not quite Nationals Park,” Charlie Slowes agreed.

“Not. Even. Close. I’m sorry,” Jageler continued. “Michael was saying it’s a whole new level here. Well, maybe the 9-1 score has taken a little steam out of the chorus there, but that was not even in the ballpark. I’m sorry, Mike.”

I re-listened to Morse’s walk-up on both teams’s home TV broadcasts and the Giants radio broadcast this morning, and it was the loudest, by far, on The Fan. As Kilgore noted, a lot of Giants fans had already headed for the exits.

Normal-level A-ha serenading aside, it was a game to forget for Morse, who went 0 for 2 with a strikeout, committed an error and was drilled by an Aaron Barrett fastball in the seventh. Maybe that’ll teach him to think twice before insulting Nationals fans’ singing abilities. Still love you, Beast.