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WWE commentator Booker T, a native of Texas, must be a Cowboys fan. There’s really nothing else that can explain his stuttering comparison of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III with pro wrestler Daniel Bryan. 

Bryan, who is currently recovering from neck surgery, was stripped of his title as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after his doctor went on Monday night’s broadcast of Raw to announce Bryan would not be cleared to compete on June 29, the date of the next WWE pay-per-view.

It was directly before that announcement, during the show’s live pre-show from Minneapolis, that Booker T doled out his underhanded insult to RGIII. Fellow commentator Alex Riley suggested that if Bryan was medically cleared to perform, he should, to which Booker T replied, “Just like RGIII right? Just like RGIII, throw him in the game. Look at him now, the guy’s career is on the…that’s what you’re talking about right.”

Riley, who comes from Northern Virginia, answered back, “Listen, RGIII’s career isn’t over…”

A third commentator, Josh Matthews, then joined in the mix with the most logical statement of this whole thing: “I don’t know if the comparison is fair, Daniel Bryan to Robert Griffin the quarterback.”

Finally, Booker T rambled out this nonsense:

“Why not? I mean it’s a position that’s uh, highly, um, gonna be taking a lot of contact. Daniel Bryan’s gonna have to go out there and perform some of the same moves that he went out there performed at WrestleMania. To go out there and be anywhere near, you know on top of his game, there is no way he can go out there and put himself in jeopardy, without going out there and hurting that neck and ending his career, permanently.”

There is so much wrong with that statement regarding both RGIII and Daniel Bryan. First, contrary to Booker T’s entire underlying sentiment, RGIII’s career is not over. It’s true that he’s had some hard times; it’s true that perhaps he played when he should’ve been taking more time to heal properly. But the notion that his injury has rendered him a lame duck whose career is essentially over seems more like his own personal wishes than accurate sports medicine analysis.

Then, of course, there’s the affront to Bryan, and really, the WWE. Booker T suggests the WWE would clear Bryan to compete even if he wasn’t medically ready.

I think Booker T should probably watch more football and wrestling before he talks next time…

(H/t: Chad Dukes Wrestling Network)