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You already know about Nats first-year bullpen coach Matt LeCroy and his lucky banana-and-mayo sandwich, which he eats when the team really needs a win. He’s 5-0 with the sandwich this year.

(Full disclosure: Every time LeCroy talks about bananas or mayo or sandwiches this season, I will write about it, even if none of the information is new. In an ideal world, I will one day sit down with LeCroy and eat a banana and mayo sandwich. Or at least with Terrance.)

Anyhow, LeCroy was on 106.7 The Fan with Grant Paulsen this week, and he was asked about the sandwich. Here’s the key piece of information: the bullpen coach said he will ask players to eat the sandwich if necessary, and he’s calling on NatsTown to eat the sandwich as one.

“No doubt,” LeCroy said, when asked if he would try to spread his culinary specialty around the clubhouse. “They all know our chef there at the stadium; he’s determined that he’s going to make a bunch of ’em one day when we really need a big win. But they know when I’m eating it. And they all laugh, but it’s been working. So hopefully some of these guys might start giving it a try.”

And the fan base?

“Hey I want everybody on it,” LeCroy said. “We need to win the whole thing. Let’s do it. Let’s everybody do it.”

And so what’s next? Banana-and-mayo selfies during late-inning rallies? A banana-and-mayo shack outside Nats Park? People showing up in the bleachers wearing banana costumes covered with glued-on mayo-scented cotton balls? Banana-and-mayo victory smoothies?

“Well, I’ll tell you what, I know a lot of people think it’s a gross combination, but when I was growing up — I grew up in the South, I still live there — it was just a sandwich that my grandmother made for us,” LeCroy told Paulsen. “And it’s something that’s just really, really good. And as a player I used to eat it some during pre-game, and people would laugh at me. But then when I started managing in Hagerstown, we had a couple tough stretches, or games where I’d like to see our team win, and I just considered that my go-to.

“And it ended up being a pretty good sandwich for me,” LeCroy went on. “And it just followed me up to this year. And so far this year we’re 5-0 when I eat the sandwich. You know, a lot of people want to know why I don’t eat it every day, but it’s something you just can’t go to every day.

Then callers got to tell LeCroy their own weird combinations. One man liked Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits dipped in applesauce.

“That’s pretty weird, but I would eat it,” he said. “I’d definitely try it. Considering the way I look, there ain’t too many things I don’t eat.”

Someone else dipped pretzels into strawberry yogurt.

“That’s pretty easy right there,” LeCroy said. “I like that. I don’t think that’s too weird.”

One man’s daughter combined sour cream and onion chips with butterscotch pudding.

“I don’t know if I’d do that one,” LeCroy said. “That’s pretty weird.”

As a practicing journalist, Paulsen also asked LeCroy if there are any foods he just plain doesn’t like.

“I can’t stand onions and tomatoes,” he said.

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