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This is evidently something I could write every summer. But the Redskins sent out invitations this week for training camp, with instructions for how to print out your invitation. And it seems worth clearing up any possible confusion: you do not need an invitation to attend training camp.

If you follow the team’s link to print out your invitation, this is what you wind up with. You’ll note that only one box is automatically checked: the one to sign up for the free season ticket wait list. And also note that this invitation “does not guarantee entry or access” to training camp.

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When last I wrote about this issue, I was bombarded with notes from training camp attendees who said no one looked — or asked to look — at the printed-out invitations. A team official also confirmed that fans did not need to bring invitations. Here’s what the training camp FAQ says:

Admission to training camp is free for all fans. Redskins fans are encouraged to fill out their free Washington Redskins Training Camp Fan Invitation, which will be available on www.redskins.com/trainingcamp. Fans should print out the invitation and bring it with them when they visit the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center.

There’s also an option to get your printed invitation through Facebook. Here’s what happens there:

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