(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post) (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Jon Gruden went to Redskins OTAs this week wearing a Redskins hat, but he’s shown even greater allegiance to the franchise in recent weeks. The broadcasting Gruden spoke at a banquet honoring Joe Gibbs in mid-May, and his speech was peppered with fond words for the team now coached by his brother.

“I think we have a lot in common here tonight,” Jon Gruden told the crowd. “We all love the Washington Redskins, don’t we? My brother is the head football coach; how can I not love the Redskins? One of my best friends Bruce Allen is the general manager. I grew up with Doug Williams. I mean, when Joe Gibbs and Doug Williams left Tampa … we didn’t make a first down for nine years. Robert Griffin III, he was on my QB Camp show. Colt McCoy, had him as well. Cousins, had ’em all. I’m a big Redskins fan. Got a lot in common with ’em. Many of the coaches on this staff — Raheem Morris, Sean McVay, Paul Kelly, Randy Jordan, Ike Hilliard — they were on my staff. Let’s give the Redskins a hand — Let’s Go Washington! And if you don’t win, guys — no pressure — Dan Snyder might fire me.”

More of Gruden’s one-liners:

* “I’d like to wish my brother good luck filling Joe Gibbs’s shoes, Jay. Good luck. I mean that. Good luck, brother.”

* “I used to steal the Washington Redskins’ Beta tape in the early 1990s as a young receiver coach and try to steal his ideas. I didn’t do very well at that, by the way.”

* “In 2004, the Redskins roared out out of the tunnel against yours truly and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was on the field and had the best seat at FedEx and I said watch the counter, WATCH THE COUNTER! There goes Clinton Portis on a damn counter play.”

“This is an exciting time. Free agency is over. The Redskins got Hatcher from Dallas, they got DeSean Jackson from Philadelphia — I like that — they got Ryan Clark, the safety man. My boss at ESPN wanted me to ask you, are you paying his salary or are we?”

“It’s hard to make a first down in pro football. It’s hard to win a division. It’s hard to win a Super Bowl, let alone three. And again, I just am mesmerized by your accomplishments and I congratulate you, coach.”

There was lots more, less specific to Washington. Gruden closed like this:

“I love football, and I love global franchises like the Redskins, and I love football fans. And I really love what Coach Gibbs stands for. If I can be half the man he is, I’ll be very proud.”

(Thanks to Jim Dugan. See the rest of Gruden’s speech here.)