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I’m going to take a momentary detour from my typical stance as a world-weary blogger forced by circumstances into an endless stream of items about etymology and racial identity — items which prevent me from doing my typical stellar work analyzing which team logos local athletes choose to wear during their free time — to make an actual opinionated statement: I did not find John Oliver’s segment about the Redskins name to be particularly funny.

Like, people in the comments section below will count this as a “pro name change” item in their running ledger about my unsatisfactory job performance that they plan to forward to Jeff Bezos, but I’m saying this should actually count as an “anti-pro name change” item, because I’m stepping out on a ledge and telling you this didn’t actually convince anyone who previously liked the name that they were wrong, nor did it make me smile once, although you could plausibly argue that nothing makes me smile really, other than the thought of maybe making a video about eating banana and mayo sandwiches.

But since people on the Internet are talking about John Oliver’s video about the Redskins — and since editors are people too — here is John Oliver’s segment about the Redskins name, a segment whose tombstone will note “this did not actually convince anyone who previously liked the name that they were wrong.”

The HBO comedian closed his segment with a spoof on the ad that ran opposing the team’s name last week, even using the same music, written by local musician Tim Cretella.

“There are many positions that CAN be defended,” the narrator says. “Steven Tyler’s still got it. Cauliflower’s the king of vegetables. Camping is actually fun. Music you never tire of: Mariachi. Weasels make the cutest pets. You should leave that fourth voice mail. Every flight needs more babies. If you don’t learn to play the recorder, you’re [in deep trouble]. Philadlephia is the cultural capital of America. If you want to get [lucky], become a magician. Nancy Grace seems nice. But the one position that can’t be defended, is this.”

And then it showed the helmet of the local football team, whose name 79 percent of Americans don’t think should be changed.

Watch the full video, with a bit of profanity, here. If you want to see an actually funny — if potentially legally actionable — spoof of the name video, here’s one focused on Daniel Snyder.

Oh, and another prominent TV comedy/news show e-mailed me asking for contact information for Redskins super fans who could talk about you know what.

Week’s off to a great start!

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