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This was an interesting tweet from The Hockey News’s Ken Campbell last week.

Later in the week, Nicholson joined the Edmonton Oilers. Still later in the week, Ted Leonsis congratulated Nicholson. Then he filleted Campbell without mentioning his name. Here’s Leonsis, writing on his blog:

Now that Bob Nicholson has been named vice chairman of the Edmonton Oilers, I’m assuming our paths may cross at NHL meetings. At that point I will personally congratulate him on his new role and welcome him to the NHL. But first, I will introduce myself to him. I don’t know Mr. Nicholson, never have met him, never have spoken with him.

It had been rumored a while ago that Mr. Nicholson was a candidate for a position with the Capitals; we didn’t respond to the falsehood at the time, choosing to focus on search for a GM and coach. Having made that announcement weeks ago, we felt the rumor would cease. But this past week a senior writer from a prominent hockey media outlet reported Mr. Nicholson was considering offers from three teams to become their CEO. The Capitals were reported to be one of those teams, and the writer even claimed: “Washington offering the most money.”

This was more than simple speculation, there was supporting information that suggested the writer was privy to financial terms too. He gave the appearance of being connected and obtaining insider information. All of this could not be further from the truth. I can only guess that it was either fabrication or the writer trusted someone who must be one of the worst “sources” in the history of newsgathering.

Congratulations Mr. Nicholson, perhaps someday we will meet.

“One of the worst ‘sources’ in the history of newsgathering” is a not insubstantial claim.

As for the “it had been rumored a while ago” part, let’s flash back to Campbell’s report for The Hockey News in April. Quote:

According to a source close to the situation, former Hockey Canada president and CEO Bob Nicholson is at his home in Penticton, B.C., this evening and is negotiating with the Vancouver Canucks to become the next president of the team. It’s expected he’ll accept the job….

As soon as Nicholson announced his resignation from Hockey Canada last week, NHL teams were reportedly immediately in hot pursuit of him. He had reportedly already turned down the presidency of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment before the job was given to Tim Liewicke [sic] in 2013, and there is speculation that the Washington Capitals quickly made him an offer, which he also turned down.

Anyhow, with the ratio of content to fact-checkers ever changing, for the worse, I for one welcome Leonsis’s addition to their ranks.  

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