My “Transformers” knowledge peaked when I watched the TV series between ages 4 and 5, and even then it was lacking. My parents have told me that I somehow interpreted the show’s famous “More than meets the eye” tagline as “Sandwich to sky,” which is ridiculous. (I’d probably watch a show with that tagline, though.)

Anyway, Under Armour tweeted an image of Bryce Harper as a Transformer and the Nationals outfielder is more than meets the eye.

My only beef with the ad, which labels Harper as one of the athletes of the NEXT generation, is that there’s a regular ol’ batting helmet flying off his head, not some Optimus Prime-looking mask. His thumb, however, looks great.

Under Armour has a line of “Alter Ego” gear, which features graphics of various Transformers and superheroes such as Batman, Superman and The Flash.