Here’s one more treasure unearthed from the lengthy filing made by the plaintiffs in the Redskins trademark case.

It’s a letter from Edward Bennett Williams to Pete Rozelle, after the former met with Native American activists about the name in 1972.

Here’s the top:

Dear Commissioner Rozelle,
Yesterday I met with a delegation of American Indian leaders who are vigorously objecting to the continued use of the name ‘Redskins.’ Instead of detailing the various bases for their objections, I am enclosing a rather full letter which was mailed to me as a prelude to the meeting. It sets out their position quite cogently. They have asked me to attempt to get them a hearing with the other owners at our League meeting in May. They have heretofore registered protests with other teams using either Indian names or Indian symbols; for example, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs. As a result of their efforts Stanford University and Dartmouth College have abandoned their traditional nicknames….
I shall ask Mr. Gross, who is their spokesman, to communicate with you directly on this subject.