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Alternative headlines for Jayson Werth’s ridiculous slide-stop fakeout of Astros second baseman Jose Altuve in Wednesday’s game at Nationals Park:

Jayson Werth is a wizard.
Jayson Werth does ballet.

Jason Castro’s throw easily beat Werth to the bag, but the Nationals outfielder’s ninja-like slide-stopping moves somehow enabled him to elude Altuve’s tag. Wow. Just wow.

Werth’s steal was the Nationals’s fifth off Astros starter Scott Feldman in the first three innings. None were prettier than this one.

More via Kilgore:

Werth’s balletic, see-it-to-believe-it slide led directly to a run, and in the Washington Nationals’ 6-5 victory over the Houston Astros, each score was deeply meaningful. Werth’s base running would also key a pivotal, three-run rally in the seventh inning that led to the Nationals’ two-game sweep.

Gio Gonzalez returned from the disabled list and gave up four runs, all scoring in one implosive frame, over five innings. Nate McLouth’s sacrifice fly in the seventh sealed the Nationals’ comeback. But it started with Werth, who twice showed why he is regarded as one of the best base runners in baseball.

Here’s a DMX remix of Werth’s slide by @recordsANDradio:

UPDATE: Yes, it looked like Werth was out.

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