(Via MLB.com)

Tuesday was $1 ice cream night at Nationals Park and four of the five Racing Presidents got more than enough for dessert.

“Where’s Teddy? Teddy’s not in the race,” Nationals PA announcer Jerome Hruska bellowed after Abe, Bill, Tom and George emerged from their customary starting point in center field  for the fourth-inning Presidents Race. “There he is! He came out of the bullpen with his friend…Niiiicecream Cone.”

Nicecream Cone proceeded to take out Bill and Tom, while Abe retreated to center field in fear. George managed to stay on his feet and passed Teddy before the finish line, but he forgot about Nicecream Cone. You can’t forget about Nicecream Cone.

The tasty treat, whose ice cream mohawk sort of resembles Bryce Harper’s, toppled George, paving the way for a Teddy win.

Nicecream Cone, who may have melted into the crushed-stone warning track before leaving the field, didn’t get much love from Teddy after the race. What exactly did the Gecko do to deserve this photo, besides being the mascot of one of the team’s biggest sponsors?

Thanks to @recordsANDradio for the Vine.