(Via adidas)

Flag Day and Father’s Day passed without the introduction of another Robert Griffin III signature cleat, but the Redskins quarterback unveiled a burgundy and gold cleat Wednesday to celebrate Trademark Decision Day.

No, it wasn’t really for that. Adidas posted a video of Griffin describing the shoe — “a tribute to the organization, his teammates, coaches fans and supporters that have helped him along the way” —  on Saturday, but Griffin didn’t tweet about it until yesterday afternoon.

“One of the things I’ve always said in my life is you always take pride in where you’re from and where you’re at, so, this shoe right here is me taking pride in the city that I play in,” Griffin says in the video. “The DMV is really where we play, but in D.C., these are the colors of our team. I feel like the city of D.C. itself is a city of business, but it’s also a city of fun. So, when you see the burgundy in the middle, that’s the business part. But then the outside? That’s all fun. So this shoe is to you guys. I appreciate everything. I appreciate you taking me in, making me one of your own, and treating me the way you do.”

It’s a good-looking shoe, but as a Virginia resident, I can’t help but feel a little left out. Sure, the $150 shoe captures the business and fun of D.C., but where’s the love for the ‘M’ and the ‘V’? A Maryland Pride panel and brown flip-flop motif would really complement the burgundy and gold, don’t you think?